General Delivery

We will dispatch your order anywhere in the European Union’s countries, using specialized vehicles, dedicated for any type of cargo. We are dispatching:

  • general goods
  • goods which need special thermal conditions (-24°C - +24°C)
  • oversized transports
  • ADR (dangerous goods)

On Board Courier Delivery

Those packages that need a higher level of security and need to be delivered as quick as possible, are delivered by a personal courier, that travels with a commercial flight anywhere in the world.

These packages can vary from a document to packages that weight tens of kilograms.

On Board Courier (OBC) team answer any time, in maximum 30 minutes, to any OBC requests. They take care of any aspect of the delivery from pick up, packing, import/export documents etc.


  • The OBC team is ready anytime (24-7-365) to depart with the package, anywhere in the world
  • We make an offer to you request in maximum 30 minutes
  • Once the offer is agreed by both parts, the package leaves with the first flight
  • You will receive real-time updates about the status of the package from pick-up to the receiver
  • All the documentation and the custom formalities are done in an emergency mode
  • The pick up and the delivery are done door-to-door
  • The courier assigned to deliver the package will be in charge of the package from pick-up to delivery

Express Delivery

We guarantee that we deliver your goods anywhere in Europe in 12-72 hours.

We are using small vehicles (1.5 tones) that travel faster. And because time and safety are very important, we have two drivers on each express delivery vehicles. In this way we can provide next day delivery to most of the countries of the European Union.

Groupage Delivery

We provide groupage delivery, in order to optimize the costs for you and to offer you a wide range of logistic solutions. 

Even if you send just an envelope, a few packages or even a half of truck of goods, we provide daily trucks and vans at a really good price. Our external partners also help us to store goods, so that we can streamline the delivery process.

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